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We present – Silicon Power Stream S10


Silicon Power's USB 3.0 drives came out firstly to the native shops. They were simple units in the first round which had not got any speciality, looked like old models from previous USB generation. More juicy solutions came after them. They were waterproof, dust and shock resistant, some of them could stand extreme loading. Maybe you remember when we crossed over one with car in HOC TV.

We present - Silicon Power Stream S10 1



The first specifically USB 3.0 developed family arrived this January. This drives will not remind us for the USB 2.0 times.

What will be special in them?

Of course HDDs get new clothes after the inside renewal. We do not care –in the review– about its bright or dark side, because beauty is subjective. Rather we try take nice pictures and you will decide that you like it or not.

Let's see quickly the new Silicon Power external drive which named Stream S10!


Firstly, we have to notice the Silicon Power continues the good practice: unnecessary to search for extra solutions at the first member of series, we will not find anything. It is bad on one part, because poor journalists are in difficult situation. Good on the other side, customers can obtain the quick and huge capacity device in favorable price.

We present - Silicon Power Stream S10 2

S10 is the lead into the new series. We think the inside did not change a lot, so we do not expect variation at speed area.  As we wrote in previous articles, there are only a few tiny –2,5 inches– drives have the speed which fits for USB 3.0 surface. So we expect vainly the drives approach the theoretical bandwidth.

We present - Silicon Power Stream S10 3

Proof that –and we were also curious– we watched the inside mechanism, took it pieces. We were sure about it has a full plastic casing, but a well designed one. The point is the hard drive which is a SamsungHM641JI tagged unit. Manufacturer guide says it is a SATA 3 Gb/s drive with 5400 RPM and 640 GB capacity. We did not dissect previously tested devices, so we do not know what was working in them, that's why we wait the results of measurement!

If somebody wants to know better the hard drive, click HERE:http://www.samsung.com/global/business/hdd/productmodel.do?type=94&subtype=99&model_cd=514#

We present - Silicon Power Stream S10 4


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